Yamil Senior and Kalei Beamon Blogging Mastery

Yesterday night we had an awesome hangout with Kalei Beamon,

And we shared so much value it should have been illegal to give that much for free!
Hope it comes accross fine and everything is clear, in case you have questions leave a comment bellow...

Yamil Senior
"The Prosperity Ninja"

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How to get leads and sales for your business

Leads and traffic are the most easy thing to get in this industry, yet when we listen to people talk about how to make money online they alwasy say the same thing...

Get traffic, Get leads, get traffic, get leads...

But if traffic and leads are all you need to succeed, why doesn't everybody in the online marketing space make at least a million dollars a year?

It's because traffic and leads however important are not what makes you money... CONVERSIONS make you money, turning that traffic and leads in to sales and money in your pocket...

If you want to know how to do this like a master go to the red button up top or click here to have access to the training, tools and resources that you need...

Much Love

Yamil Senior
"The Prosperity Ninja"

PS. If you also want to know how to get insane amounts of traffic, have open rates of over 50% and opt in rates up to %80 click here now! because this will be gone very soon...


Today was an intense emotion day for me and lots of other people...

This morning I woke up to the rattling sound of my curtains and book shelves because there was a 7.5 earthquake that hit Mexico City and I'm not going to lie... I feared for my life and the people I love because I had never experienced something like this before...

As I listened to dogs barking, people screaming and things falling I grabbed the wall and thought about what would happen if I died there, am I satisfied with my life? Have I done enough so that I can die without worries?

NO, in fact HELL NO!

This is not how it ends

When something like this happens you're whole life changes perspective, and after the earthquake ended and I called everybody making sure they were OK, I looked at my life in a whole new light.

You know how when you go bowling with your friends there is always a guy or gal who just throws the ball almost without looking and twists and turns praying the it will be a strike?

Well that's what I was doing with my business, I was launching campaigns and praying that I got a sale not knowing that undesranding techique I can control the direction and speed of the ball and make it a strike every time.

People talk about "Breakthroughs" all the time, well I got mine literally shake out of me by planet earth...

And all of a sudden it was like I had a perfect map towards success and now all I have to do is follow it, and as I realized that I could be gone from this earth in an instant I asked myself...

What am I going to leave behind for my friends and family? A bunch of reciepts? HELL NO! NO WAY!

I looked at my life and at my business and I could see clearly exactly why the things that worked, worked and why the things that didn't, didn't... I really wish you could climb inside my head and see the map.

But as you're reading this, you're reading the begginig of my brand new life...

THIS IS MY TIME, that's it period, and it's your time too...

If you're sick and tired of struggling, of just getting by, and not living up to your full potencial because you don't have enough resources mentaly, spiritualy or financialy... I know how you feel.

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, not having what you want in life and having people tell you all the time that you're not smart enough, pretty enough or talented enough, and all the BULLSHIT! broke people like to say...

I know exactly how you feel and I feel the same way, yesterday I got blazing hell fire in my heart and eyes, and I know now how to break free from that broken system we call society.

But I don't want to just do it for myself, I want to take as many people as I possibly can with me, if you're reading this post still I know you're the person I want to talk to, because all the wussies stoped reading awhile ago...

If you're as pissed of as I am, if you also have fire in your heart and in your eyes,

here is the last link you will ever need

click it and enter your information, and by doing so you are shaking my hand in complete commitment with me and with yourself to do whatever it takes, to jump through obstacles and run through walls to have not only the life you want but the life that you and the people you love DESERVE...

Shake my hand

and run with me,

Yamil Senior

Tired of all the crap and fluf people say just to get paid, I want to show you how to take back complete control of your life...


Tony Rush Review

Tony Rush is a guy who whent through a lot to get to where he is, most people know Tony as the million dollar earner from Empower Network, so it's easy to vew him as a rich person who doesn't understand little ol' me...

Tony whent from manager of a Walden Books store to millionaire but it was not over night, it was not a instant success and it was not easy for him.

The reason why I say this is because in the direct selling industry because 90% of the people involved have never built a business in their lives we tend to compare this business to a J.O.B. where you're on the payroll and even if you half-ass it you get paid at the end of the month...

I just read a blog post on Tony Rush that was really pathetic to say the least calling Tony Rush a scam artist because he joined his team in Empower Network and moaned and complained because Tony didn't answer an email an because of him he failed to make any money bla bla bla...

The truth of the matter is Tony Rush is a great leader not only because he understands what it takes to succeed in this industry but because he has the rare ability to simplify complicated subjects in step by step fomulas.

It takes a very smart man to do that and Tony has that inteligence, I've personally met the guy and he not only is a great teacher, and marketer but he has the biggest heart you will ever find, I say he is a big suthern teddy bear haha.

The truth is that Tony Rush is a great leader but he is no miracle man, he cant make you rich while you sit on your hands and wait for the money to come in simply because you baught the Empower Network Blogging System.

Like I've said many times this is not the same as a job, like any other business the money comes from sales not from keeping your head down and doing what your told like in a job. Having said this if you're looking for a "get of of jail free" card where you don't have to do anything and get paid, click here to stay broke...

If you know that no one can give you finanicial freedom but yourself but you want someone to show you the way Tony Rush is an amazing leader who will show you the ropes and guide you to the promised land.

But you need to understand that any leader like myself or Tony Rush is only a coach, we can't make things happen for you, for example if this were boxing,

All me and Tony can do is share our experience with you and we are more than happy to do it too, but at the end of the day we can't win fights for you, we can't sell for you, we can't make your dreams come true...

You have to go and do that for yourself.

Is Tony Rush a Good Leader For You?

So if you came here wondering is Tony Rush is a good leader for you, it deppends on your maturity, if your looking for something for nothing Tony is not your guy, I'm not your guy and really anyone making any kind of money in this industry is not the leader for you...

If your are willing to do what it takes to produce the results you deserve for yourself and your family and you're not going to put excuses in front of your results Tony Rush is your guy and he is one of the best.

I hope this cleared the air for some people and I hope I did you justice Tony you have taught me so much and I'm grateful for that.

Tony Rush and Yamil Senior

My name is Yamil Senior
they call me "The Prosperity Ninja"

If you got value out of this or even if you think I'm full of crap leave a comment bellow and share with your friends ;)

Tony Rush Review

Have you been cheated out of your success?

Are other people hogging all the secrets, leads and resources keeping you broke frustrated and without a hope of making money online?

Not likely, (there are some assholes out there) but most leaders really want their teams to succeed but can't because they need to spend so much time showing you how to set up your business that by the time you get to learning marketing and selling you are already burnt out and unable to do it anymore.

And let's face it, you came to this industry to make money and you don't have time for no damn learning curve right?

But more importantly even though it may seem that way you're not here to make money, you're here for what money can bring you, and that is FREEDOM.

Freedom of location, of situation and even the freedom to purchase the things you love and not feel like your pancreas is about to explode when the cashier swipes your card. You want to make decisions with your heart and not your bank account balance.

So how to do you shorten that learning curve, and work on that freedom?

The best way to shorten that learning curve is by getting around people who already have made all the mistakes possible and can show you how to avoid them, but more importantly already enjoy true freedom of time and money and can show you how to do the same.

That's what I've done and in the last week I've learned more than my first 3 years in the MLM industry, all because I chose to have a team of experts in Traffic, Marketing, Copywriting, NLP, SEO, Blogging, Social Media, etc. in my corner.

A football team doesn't just have one coach, they have a defense coordinator, a running back coach, a wide reciever coach, a line backers coach, a defensive backs coach, etc. All of them keeping one team physicaly and mentaly in shape to win games.

And they are constantly in practice, watching film and completely imersed in the game every day.

And you can do the same by clicking here

And what do most gurus tell you to do?

Market yourself and position yourself as an expert to brand yourself and people will follow you, righ? But what if you have made no money, no leads and no sales? What are you branding? Come learn how to be broke and frustrated?

So what do you do when you're getting started or in that situation when you have been trying but have not had succeeded for whatever reason?

You leverage other people's skills, you let the experts do what they do best and you share their stories, and at the same time you learn from them, you start setting up your own systems, follow ups and results to become a leader in your own right.

Want to learn how to do that step by step?

Click here to know how, but I must warn you, don0t click on the link if you're not ready to commit to build your business whatever it takes, no matter what, that's it period.

Because me and the other leaders are going to push you, we are going to make you uncomfortable, and tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear and you may hate us at times but guess what, if you commit, if you run with us you will be free, and you will build a successful business, can I guarantee that?

No I can not because I don't know if you're going to follow what we teach or if you're just going to give up. I can only show you the door you have to go through it...

But what I can guarantee is that you will become the most powerful version of yourself, you will speak different, you will move different and you will think different.

What is this? I would like to say we provide a blogging platform and online marketing training and personal development coaching, but the truth is that is an understatement...

We speak life in to people's dreams, we give people their passion back, we are a workshop of people teaching you how to atain FREEDOM, why you ask? What's in it for us? This is our passion, this is our dream, to help people all over the world from all ages, backgrounds and colors atain FREEDOM.

For the simple reason that when we die if we are asked "What did you do with your life?" we can proudly say "I helped millions live their dreams, I helped millions help others, I helped millions escape the terrifying grip that money has on people".

Will this pull me away or deviate me from my current business?

Not at all, we can't preach freedom if we don't give you the freedom to promote other business with our system right? Our system and training is designed to help you with any business you ever build from now till forever.

If you have made a decision to commit to your business and to your freedom, no matter what it takes, no matter what happens, that's it period

Let's lock arms and I will run, not in front of you but beside you as we work on building your success, your income and your FREEDOM.

This is the link you're going to need

I look forward to seeing you and shaking your hand soon


Yamil Senior
"The Prosperity Ninja"

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"The ones crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that usually succeed"

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