How can you tap in to this power?

Like I said in the video whenever you look back in time and remember a particular experience you all the emotions you felt that day come back to you and your start to feel the same way you felt that day...

This pocess can be repeated any time you chose, but how can we apply this to every day life?

Whenever we are met with a challenge we need to foolow these steps:

  1. Acknowledge what's happening as it is. (don't make it worse)
  2. See it better than it is in order to find a solution.
  3. Take focused action towards solving your problem.
  4. Asociate a good emotion to the process.

Now how do we achieve this last point?

How can we asociate a positive emotion to this process?

It comes back to the beginning go back in time to a moment when you felt complete and total certainty and excitement!

Feel those emotions and use them as fuel in order to get you through anything, this way whenever you are faced with a difficult challenge in your life you will asociate the whole process with those feelings of certainty and your problems will look smaller than before.

We all have this power in us

Some people chose to take advantage of it and others don't, and they end up blaming their circumstances for what they do not have in their lives.

The more I study the keys of success the more I discover that there is no such thing as circumstances. And there is no such thing as failure.

There is only the drive to succeed and focused action that will push you over any obstacle in your life.


How to use emotional mastery in order to bring more time, money, love and freedom in to your life!

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Make it a Great day

Yamil Senior
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The Facebook Marketing Plan:

  1. Your Profile is your image on Facebook, make sure it's a good one...
  2. Be a part of the comunity, be social and share VALUE!
  3. Have a Blog where you can control the space, and let people know exactly what you want them to do once they are there...

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See you on the inside...

Yamil Senior
"The Prosperity Ninja"

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Facebook Marketing Plan: Put your best foot forward...


A part of you must die!!

I know that may sound a bit dramatic but it's the truth, in order for you to reach your goals a part of you has to die in order for you to become the person you always wanted to be...

Yamil Senior
"The Prosperity Ninja"

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Today's Success Tip is a subject that is not talked about enough in the Network Marketing space...

Focus and Strategy...

If you just go out there with not strategy you will waste a lot of time and effort in making no money, also if you have a strategy but you have no focus you will get nowhere fast.

Pick a strategy you want to master, paid marketing, SEO, Blogging, Social Media, it doesn't matter. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here is the training you need: Click here to access.

Pick a strategy you want to master and focus on it for at least 90 days, become a tue master of that strategy and if you take action you will see results my friend...

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Yamil Senior

Yamil Senior
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Make it a great day :)


It's all about taking massive action when it comes to success,

Success love speed, it loves going fast and if you go slow you won't get very far, why? Because that's exactly what 500,000+ people are doing out there in the market place.

If you want to stand out you need to take massive action.

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Yamil Senior's Success Tips

Yamil Senior
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